Reserved Capacity Storage

Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage makes buying cloud storage a natural addition to your on-premises storage. If you are thinking about buying more hardware storage compare the price against 5 years of Reserved Capacity Storage.

You can purchase cloud storage in 1, 3 or 5 year increments and achieve greater discounts for term and capacity.

Pay-as-you-go Storage

Wasabi’s pricing model of $.0059 per GB/mo ($5.99 per TB/month) with no additional charges for egress or API requests means you don’t pay to access your data.

No Charges For Egress or API Requests

Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance

Migrating to the industry’s most affordable and highest-performing cloud storage service just got a whole lot easier. The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance lets you move large datasets to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively. The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance is ideal for customers that don’t have sufficient network connection speeds to transfer large amounts of storage over the Internet or private network connections.

Powered by Netgear, a leading vendor of network-attached storage platforms, the Wasabi Ball addresses common challenges associated with large-scale data transfers by eliminating the high network costs and long transfer times often associated with moving large data amounts over the Internet.

Wasabi Direct Connect

Wasabi Direct Connect is a high-speed, private, secure connection from your on-premises data center or colocation site directly to Wasabi. Wasabi Direct Connect is ideal for customers seeking direct, secure and high-bandwidth connectivity with fixed monthly transport pricing. Wasabi Direct Connect is available in N x 1 Gb/s or N x 10 Gb/s speeds.

Predictable Pricing for Performance

Customers migrating from on-premise to cloud storage often have a clear understanding of how much data they need to store, but not necessarily on how often their data will need to be accessed. Data downloads are not something they’ve had to pay for with on-premises storage, so they’ve never had reason to measure it. However, all the major cloud storage providers charge a fee (egress/access fee) every time the customer accesses their data. This makes it difficult to predict your monthly bill because it will vary depending upon how often you download your data.

With Wasabi Direct Connect, customers pay a fixed monthly port speed rate (based on the type of port speed chosen: 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps), removing the variability of performance when using a public internet connection for ingress and egress to their data.

No More Tiers

We’ve already simplified storage costs by removing all the unnecessary tiers and complex pricing schemes. Wasabi hot cloud storage is 80% less expensive than Amazon S3 for one universal tier of service that’s faster than the competition. And we’ve removed much of the unpredictability with no API request fees that the traditional cloud storage vendors charge.

With Wasabi Direct Connect service and Wasabi’s free egress pricing model, customers who choose to connect to Wasabi hot cloud storage via their own on-premise or collocated data centers will benefit from additional price predictability by paying a flat rate for bandwidth with free access to their data.

Wasabi File Acceleration

Wasabi File Acceleration (WFA) provides Wasabi enterprise customers* with the ability to transfer large data sets to Wasabi faster than the typical TCP-based methods used by standard non-accelerated S3 client applications. WFA is powered by file acceleration technology from Wasabi partner FileCatalyst, and radically reduces the time it takes to transfer your data to and from Wasabi. FileCatalyst is an Emmy® award-winning pioneer in managed file transfers and a leader in accelerated file transfer solutions. Wasabi has worked together with FileCatalyst to develop WFA as an integrated solution to solve the challenges of maximizing the throughput of your connectivity and move data quickly.

Wasabi File Acceleration Enables Faster Data Transfer

Legacy file transfer protocols and tools are no longer effective in the era of Big Data and cloud computing. Traditional connection-oriented protocols like FTP squander bandwidth (each packet is individually transmitted and acknowledged) and are susceptible to network latency and packet loss. Using FTP, it can take hours or even days to transfer multi-gigabyte files.

Wasabi File Acceleration (WFA) was designed from the ground up to maximize the throughput possible with today’s Internet connectivity. This innovative capability leverages a patented connectionless file transfer technology that avoids protocol overhead while ensuring reliable and secure delivery. Immune to latency and packet loss, WFA transfers files at speeds of up to 10 Gbps (over an appropriate network connection), reducing transfer times down to minutes, or even seconds, for the largest of data sets.

WFA is based on a client-server architecture where a Wasabi HotFolder client application installed on your local host communicates with a server-side component that is hosted at the edge of Wasabi’s hot cloud storage service architecture. The Wasabi HotFolder application is available for a range of Windows and Mac environments.

Wasabi Account Control Manager

Automate cloud storage account creation, management and user billing with an easy to use centralized management interface.

Customer Growth and Account Administration Adds Challenges

Managing multiple cloud storage accounts individually can be complex and cumbersome. As the number of accounts grow, organizations would like to set up policies and manage billing across these accounts in a simple more manageable way. To ease the management of multiple accounts, Wasabi developed the Wasabi Account Control API. It provides a more efficient, automated solution for creating new accounts. However, customizing the Wasabi Account Control API for your specific needs can consume technical resources and time.

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