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Vision Data Center provides a holistic view of all your data center functional areas and performs activities that guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive data center architecture that can quickly absorb technology innovations, meet your ongoing business needs, and reduce costs. Evolve your data center solutions to support business growth, deliver next generation services, and maintain competitive advantage with Vision Data Center.

Service Overview

Vision Data Center consulting engineers use industry-leading tools and best-practices to support and guide you through your data center initiatives and to mitigate implementation risks and accelerate your return on investment (ROI).

Vision Data Center Optimization Services include the following activities:

  • Assess and review your data center environment
  • Make recommendations to improve security design and facilitate achieving high availability
  • Provide continuous learning
  • Periodically assess and review detailed design standards for your data center infrastructure and evaluate its ability to support applications you will use to meet your future business requirements
  • Provide recurring analyses of performance data and configurations from your data center network and technologies to give you a continuous, strategic view of your data center
  • Keep you informed of new products and software features

Customize Your Services

Vision Data Center Optimization Services give you the opportunity to select individual supporting service packages, organized by technology and solutions specific to areas of your data center. You can customize your services by selecting from a broad range of standard and optional activities and deliverables. The services are available as a bundle or as standalone components.

Strategy and Architecture Services

Strategy and architecture services help you evaluate your current data center infrastructure, issues, and costs. Specifically, the strategy and architecture services:

  • Prepare your data center for an end-to-end virtualization solution by identifying gaps in security and your server, storage, and network infrastructure
  • Help you achieve a dynamic infrastructure capable of consolidation, growth, and automation
  • Identify opportunities for virtualization and provide a roadmap to implement a secure, efficiently utilized virtual infrastructure

Data Center Optimization Health Checks

These health checks identify sources of instability in technologies and make recommendations to change configurations in order to improve performance, help ensure maximized use of these technologies, and prepare for increased demands.


Vision Data Center Optimization Services help you determine how to optimize performance and evolve your data center to realize more value out of your current infrastructure.

  • Improve the performance of business-critical applications
  • Reduce operational overhead
  • Quickly absorb technology innovations with less risk
  • Reduce costs through the efficient use of equipment and data center operation
  • Improve productivity and enhance business processes
  • Increase revenue through improved application performance

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