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All the Storage Capacity, Performance and Scalability You Will Ever Need

Continually adding storage to keep up with exploding data volumes is a losing proposition. Capacity is costly to buy and maintain. And requirements are difficult to predict. Having too much can be as bad as having too little.

Through our partner, Vision Data Center Managed Hosting provides a cost-effective and scalable solution to exponential data growth. As part of a complete infrastructure solution, our flexible managed compute and storage delivers capacity, performance and scalability tailored to your exact requirements, while reducing your capital expenditures and optimizing the return on your IT investment.

We designed our enterprise-grade platform with massive scale, non-disruptive expansion and resiliency built in from the start. So whether it's big data, virtualized desktop environments or heavy reliance on the cloud that's driving your need for ever more speed and throughput, Vision Data Center responds with a solution you can never outgrow.

Flexibility in Design, Operation and Delivery

Besides easily accommodating continual growth over time, managed hosting handles short-term bursts that might result from weekly reporting, seasonal volumes or promotional campaigns. With Vision Data Center, you’re never locked in. We offer the flexibility to move you to different compute levels and storage tiers as your requirements change and move you back to more economical systems when the temporary demand has passed.

If you're not exactly sure how to determine your requirements, managed hosting is an even better solution for your business. Our autonomic tiering makes sure that your high access workloads reside on higher performing platforms, and static workloads are placed on more cost-effective platforms. It's faster and more accurate than building and managing on your own. And by solving all your issues for you, Vision Data Center lets you focus on what you do best.

Let Vision Data Center have your Back...Up

Let’s face it, sometimes bad things happen. Hardware fails and data gets corrupted. Even simple human error can result in data loss. But with Vision Data Center Managed Data Protection your most important files, folders and application data are backed up nightly to our disk-based platform and retained for up to four weeks. Your critical data can be stored locally to provide for lightning fast restoration and replicated remotely for effective disaster recovery.

Need long term retention of archival data to meet compliance and support discovery? No problem. Vision Data Center can have your backed up data written to tape for transfer to secure offsite vaulting locations.

Security and Reliability Mean Peace of Mind

Keeping your data secure and your systems available are our top priorities. That's why our facilities feature multiple layers of physical and virtual IT security to safeguard your data from intrusion, exposure or theft.

Only essential personnel have access to storage system locations. In addition to the protection of 24x7x365 on-site staffing, physical access is secured with biometric hand scanner, proximity card and motion camera systems. Virtual access is secured with private VLAN connectivity over a private network and bi-directional CHAP authentication. All of our partner facilities have completed SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audits, certifying we have the controls and policies in place to help you meet your regulatory or industry compliance requirements.

Dual active/active SAN controllers, multipath network redundancy and RAID systems in all SAN infrastructure are just a few of the multiple levels of redundancy that assure maximum availability of your data. Plus, with a nationwide footprint, we can replicate your data to a remote location as required to increase resiliency and support your business continuity objectives.

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