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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Even a few minutes of down time can lead to lost revenue, reputation damage, internal stress, and loss of confidence in the company’s IT strategy. Your organizations data is its most important asset and one that deserves the best care. Vision Data Center will work with internal IT Teams to discuss current strategy identify wins, opportunities, and design a future proof plan that is the most effective way of managing your data needs.

While there are various technologies that can provide redundancy and protection –not all are created equal. Provided service levels, cost and complexity traditionally are not tailored to meet your business’s unique needs. Disaster Recovery planning is expensive and a difficult business expense to justify. Here at Vision Data Center we focus on the following metrics to ensure precise sizing and implementation of DR plans.

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO): Home much data loss can your business tolerate?
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO): How long can your business operate before the return of key IT systems?

These can be complicated discussions that need to address every major application environment utilized by the business. At Vision Data Center, we specialize in helping our clients assess the need for a disaster recovery strategy, and we help them design and implement best in class solutions.

Benefits and Strategy of a Backup Solution

  • Delivers faster backups with superior storage efficiency
  • Provides one-step data recovery
  • Decreases backup costs
  • Offers flexible deployment
  • Eliminates the complexity while meeting RPO and RTO objectives
  • Works well in demanding situations
  • Lowers traditional backup TCO (12-24 month average payback)

Leveraging our strategic partnerships with the industry leaders, Vision Data Center will develop and deliver the most cost-effective data backup solution available that meets your organization's business requirements.

Disk to Disk: On Average, the purpose built back up appliances with deduplication reduce storage footprints by 10-30x and frees up costly primary storage. The elimination process of redundant information during the storage process, allows you to store far more data on less space. The state of-the-art storage system the remaining data leading to much more efficient, safe, speedy and streamlined data restorations.

Vision, from day one has focused on providing solutions that adapt to almost any backup software solution, allowing for a “pay as you grow” model that delivers peace of mind.

Disk to Tape: Whether for compliance reasons or as a secondary method to protect your critical data, backing up to tape is still a used and is a viable solution. Vision’s experts will help you determine the roll of tape backups, design and deliver a solution that allows you to leverage the latest in tape backup technology while at the same time, reducing costs and meeting your backup requirements.

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