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Network Assessment Services

Most organizations are overwhelmed with day-to-day operation of their networks. With shrinking staff and budget, many are unable to adjust strategy even as technology evolves. The normal process of business causes your network to constantly transform.

Do you have a clear assessment of this impact?

Do you understand the resultant changes on your network from technologies such as virtualization, proliferation of mobile devices, increased volumes of data to manage and backup, voice, video and other bandwidth hungry technologies?

If you’re able to answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may benefit from Vision Data Center’s Network Assessment Services:

  • Have you recently had a change in network staff?
  • Are you planning to deploy a new production application in your enterprise?
  • Have you virtualized your server infrastructure, but not your network?
  • Is your network equipment aging and unable to support future needs?
  • Are you preparing to virtualize applications and need to ensure maximum performance?
  • Are you preparing to undertake a desktop virtualization initiative?
  • Do you have a strategy for your network?

Our network assessment services will help you identify problems before they impact your users and applications. Our methodology uses five primary phases and includes the following:

  1. Current State Evaluation
  2. Gap Analysis
  3. Configuration Audit
  4. Capacity Planning
  5. Roadmap and Recommendations

Storage Assessment

With mounting day-to-day storage concerns and explosive data growth, the ability to accurately forecast storage capacity, reduce costs, and deal with data migration / storage sprawl have become more critical than ever before. Your storage administrators face pressures too in terms of excessive backup times, higher service level requirements, longer retention periods for more data, and increased capacity needs. Vision Data Center can help.

Through our Enterprise Storage Assessment, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the performance, resiliency, and capacity of your entire storage infrastructure. We’ll help you understand when to scale your storage systems to successfully serve the growing needs of your business and what storage platforms and designs will serve the business most effectively. We focus on the right solution, not the brand or label on the solution.

Discovery of Enterprise Storage infrastructure

  • End to end topology view
  • Data-path mapping

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Map from application to server to storage
  • Track key performance indexes
  • Infrastructure Response Time (IRT)
  • Predict disk contention
  • Assess storage utilization
  • Identify virtual machine (VM) issues

Data Reporting

  • Executive presentation that ties findings to business benefits
  • Technical reports
  • Scorecards for VMs and storage performance on all Tier 1 vendor arrays
  • Volume capacity forecasting
  • LUN alignment report

Actionable Recommendations

  • Relate actual data to application-level performance, backup problems, or similar storage operations
  • List of actionable changes to improve storage environment
  • Ability to address heterogeneous data center environments and provide data and recommendations across all assets, including all Tier 1 vendor arrays:
  • Consideration of multiple storage strategies and compare/contrast benefits of different approaches
  • Business, compliance, financial, technical, and operational factors considered in design
  • Strategic design of storage infrastructure based on business requirements


Vulnerabilities that may exist across your systems and applications can create an easy path for cyber attackers to gain access to and exploit your environment. With dozens and even hundreds of applications and systems across your environment with access to the Internet, maintaining and updating system operating systems and applications to eliminate vulnerabilities is paramount - especially when those applications and systems are tied to sensitive customer, patient or cardholder information.

The Vulnerability Assessment service is designed to identify critical flaws in your network that an attacker could exploit. Our testing methodology is an iterative, multi-phase process by which we assess the security of your network and systems. We use commercial and publicly available tools, as well as custom scripts and applications we have developed. Our testing may include firewalls, routers or other network infrastructure devices, intrusion detection and prevention systems, web servers, email systems, virtual private networking (VPN) systems, etc.

We use a combination of automated and manual testing. Automated tools can greatly assist in reducing work effort and costs associated with repetitive and time consuming tasks. Manual techniques and analysis also are performed in each step to achieve the greatest understanding of your environment. Manual validation of findings reduces false positives; manual vulnerability testing reduces false negatives. False positives on a report lead to wasted effort in remediation. False negatives can expose an organization to risk of intrusion.

Vulnerability assessment services to address:

  • Achieve Compliance
  • Vulnerability Assessments help your organization meet your periodic compliance requirements.
  • Evaluate Your Network Security
  • Vulnerability Assessments help your organization test for vulnerabilities and gaps in your network security, so you can enhance your security posture.
  • External Vulnerability Assessment Testing
  • Vision Data Center can perform remote, external testing of your environment for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an outside attacker.
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment Testing
  • Vision Data Center can perform a vulnerability assessment to evaluate your internal systems, applications, and internal corporate networks.


With Vision Data Center, you can:

Obtain a true understanding of your network security posture and how to improve it
The Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to identify critical vulnerabilities that exist in your network. However, our Vulnerability Analysis consultants do much more than just assess your network. We rank findings based on what is important to your organization, what we know about identified vulnerabilities and what trends we see in the marketplace. We provide you actionable guidance through executive and detailed reporting, to address known issues and improve the overall security of your network.

See your organization as it would be seen by a cybercriminal
The challenge for any IT organization is to assess and prioritize vulnerabilities as they would be by an intent outsider practiced in cyber hacking tools and techniques. This requires a different perspective, tools and expertise than what traditional IT resources have on the team.

We work to view your organization and network through the lens of a cyber attacker. During the Vulnerability Assessment, we work diligently to learn about your organization and your network. Our consultants collect information from a number of sources including publically available databases, perform limited scanning of your Internet address ranges, and perform other automated and manual processes using various tools and techniques.

Our consultants attempt to understand as much about your internal network as we connect through passive and active reconnaissance techniques. This involves actively trying to identify services running, applications used, version numbers, service banners, etc. Through this reconnaissance, we are able to tell a great deal about your environment and organization.

Results from these activities vary across organizations, but our ultimate goal is to identify areas a hacker would find particularly appealing to exploit.

Avoid False Positives
Automated scanning tools often report false positives – vulnerabilities that are not actually present. Addressing false positives is a tedious process that takes valuable resources away from your more important initiatives.

During the Manual Verification and Testing portion of the Vulnerability Assessment, we take steps to ensure vulnerabilities discovered through automated scanning are accurate. Automated tools can sometimes generate false positive findings. This step ensures that the vulnerabilities reported to you are accurate. Without this often overlooked step, you will waste time attempting to remediate false positives that all scanning tools can produce.

Identify False Negatives
IT professionals often cite their frustrations with false positives that take away time from other projects. However, false negatives present the opposite challenge and arguably, pose a greater risk - that a breach is classified as normal. Often, IT simply doesn't have the visibility into the types of threats and practices in the marketplace on a daily basis and hasn't developed the depth of experience needed to identify issues when automated scanning fails.

Automated scanning tools also occasionally fail to report true vulnerabilities. During the Manual Verification and Testing portion of the assessment, we perform other manual testing which does not rely on automated scanning. A testing methodology that solely relies on automated scan results can provide a false sense of security. Our consultants work with these tools on a daily basis, and know their limitations and how to supplement their results.

Vision Data Center’s broad visibility into actual attacks that are occurring allows us to test your environment with a much deeper knowledge of real-world attacks than someone without this capacity.

Learn which risks should matter most to your organization
Understanding what risks matter most to an organization can be a difficult proposition as IT simply may not have all the information it needs and a proven framework by which to judge risk.

Vision Data Center uses a risk ranking methodology that is easy to understand. This methodology presents risks as Critical, High, Medium, Low and Informational priority, based on many factors, including ease of exploitation, business criticality of the host and prevalence of the threat. Our consultants know and use several risk and vulnerability ranking methodologies, including CVSS v2, DREAD, FAIR, OCTAVE and others. If you would like us to use one of these models or your preferred model, we can usually accommodate that request.

Desktop Virtualization Assessment


  • Use in-depth assessment data to develop a clear understanding of your IT usage and end-user requirements.
  • Receive a set of recommendations and an executive briefing that can help you determine what steps to take next.
  • Make an informed decision about desktop virtualization.

Get the information you need to make an informed decision about desktop virtualization.

During the Blueprint Assessment phase, we use output from the Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) tool and create a "digital footprint" of your IT environment to help you choose your best options.

We collect detailed data from every desktop targeted for virtualization. Those quantitative measurements help us identify your:

  • Current capacity
  • End-user requirements
  • Opportunities to improve desktop IT operations

We analyze resource consumption and take into account application, data migration and processing interdependencies to provide:

  • Return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) potential
  • A roadmap for future scaling

At the end of the Blueprint Assessment, we use the information to update your economic impact assessment. We provide a set of recommendations based upon your business and technical requirements, as well as an executive briefing that can help you determine your next steps. If desktop virtualization is your best bet, we go onto the next phase to create a detailed implementation plan.

At this point, you might decide to forgo the infrastructure investment and host your virtual desktop solution from a Cloud. This option enables you to pay only for what you use and to scale that usage based on your monthly demands. Whatever you choose, you can collaborate with a single IT specialist for the lifetime of your solution.

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