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Vision Data Center Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) planning provides our clients with solutions to recover, protect and/or relocate critical information systems.

Data center and MIS infrastructure are the backbone of most critical business processes. When organizations experience a disaster or business disruption, ensuring operational continuity for critical business processes requires that IT systems, applications and data be recovered and restored in a timely manner.

Vision Data Center provides our clients proven solutions designed to protect and, if necessary, relocate critical information systems to alternate corporate locations and/or third party data center facilities. We do this by employing a comprehensive strategic and tactical planning approach that aligns recovery solutions with your key business requirements and tolerances for disruption. We also deliver actionable recovery plans that will direct your staff to respond to events beginning from the point of an initial disruption through alternate site relocation, operational recovery and return to your home facilities.

Once developed, our consultants work with your key IT staff members to periodically review and update your disaster recovery and business continuity plans so they reflect business and operational changes all organizations will experience over time. We also provide assistance in developing and coordinating data center recovery testing programs that validate technical and logistical capabilities to respond to a broad range of disruptive events.

Vision Data Center can help your organization with an independent assessment of your data center recovery planning requirements, and in selecting and implementing cost-effective solutions. Let us leverage our experience to help your organization mitigate risk and enhance your organization's recovery capabilities.

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