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Virtualization is not new. Virtualization goes back to the 1960s mainframes, during which it was a method of logically dividing the mainframes’ resources for different applications. Since then, the meaning of the term has evolved. Today, virtualization in areas of Desktops, Servers, Storage, Connectivity, and entire Data Centers is a proven strategy for improving efficiency and reducing cost in today’s complex data center infrastructures. It’s also the key to delivering IT as a Service for your clients. Whether you are 100% virtualized, or just “dipping your toes” in virtualization, proper design and planning will make or break your business.

With the cost of electricity and resources on the rise, minimizing operating costs is a key objective for IT. Our virtualization plan starts with an evaluation of your current system resources. The objective is to optimize your infrastructure by having your data center run on as few resources as possible without sacrificing service and delviery.

Vision Data Center's virtualization offerings help you increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your IT operations. Some of the objectives supported include; consolidating servers, optimizing software development, desktop virtualization and providing affordable business continuity.

Whether you need to approach a problem from the standpoint of consolidation, Disaster Recovery (DR), High Availability (HA), optimization, or business continuity, Vision Data Center uses methods that result in a solution that matches with your business needs in mind.

A system consolidation strategy has the following benefits which can yield superb Return on Investment (ROI). Some of the recognized benefits when implementing a consolidation strategy include:

  • Reduce hardware and operating costs
  • Reduce the time it takes to provision new servers
  • Save more than thousands of dollars per year for every workload virtualized
  • Maximize utilization of existing hardware
  • Reduce hardware requirements by
  • Enhance SLA requirements and delivery of IT services

Desktops, Servers, Storage & Data Centers

Virtualization is a strategy that now also applies to all areas of IT infrastructure, including storage, servers, desktops, and networks – even data centers.

  • Server virtualization: While VMware has become the defacto-standard for the virtualization of mission critical servers running the Windows and Linux operating systems, Microsoft, Redhat and others also have options and understanding the correct choice for your business need is the first step.
  • Virtualized desktops: With telecommuting, hoteling and the ongoing costs of client management, many organizations are investigating virtualized desktops. For some, it is too costly to justify. Knowing the pros and cons, options available and sound planning and execution is paramount to a successful deployment.
  • Storage virtualization: Virtualizing storage can deliver great benefits. It can also bring a business to its knees. Not all storage providers can effectively deliver a virtualized storage platform. Trying to “fit a square peg in a round hole” by “retro-fitting a legacy system is futile. Let the experts understand your needs and design a solution that meets your needs.

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