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Next Generation Networking

Your network is the backbone of your IT. Yet it's probably the oldest part of your infrastructure and the biggest barrier to mobility, flexibility and change. We help your network to enable what's new -- and what's next.

Vision Data Center has over 20 years’ experience and relationships with the leading network manufacturers, helps customers evolve their networks through an intricate understanding of new enterprise technologies and the demands they impose on networks. We understand your business and needs to marry the best technologies to address the business.

Many business networks in use were designed with the idea that connectivity was the network’s main job. Today’s network are a service delivery, management and security tool. Networks need intelligent routing and switching to accommodate different types of video and data. Many new enterprise technologies can dominate network bandwidth unless properly aligned with goals. Making these changes to support the business is daunting and can be disastrous if not designed and implemented properly.

Vision Data Center addresses your network as a whole in the context of business goals. We recommend the best use of resources to enable multi-media collaboration, anywhere wireless communications, data center optimization and network visibility and monitoring. Most importantly, we balance the needs of competing enterprise technologies to optimize network performance.

Vision Data Center Networking

  • Over two decades of experience on the leading edge of networking
  • Expertise and insight in all enterprise technologies that rely on networks
  • Deep engineering strength with multiple vendors’ technologies
  • Intelligent designs that accommodate varying types of voice, video, data and security and a plan for the future
  • Strong experience in secure communication environments


  • Data Center Unified Fabric - Support cloud computing and virtualization as well as improve asset utilization and flexibility
  • Intelligent Routing and Switching - Enables monitoring, detection and alerts you of any issues
  • Wireless networks – Increase wireless presence and bandwidth to handle a multitude of corporate, personal and guest devices
  • High Availability Networking – Eliminate unnecessary downtime and provide a reliable backbone for your IT operations
  • Network Management, Security and Visibility – Manage and secure your network while helping it keep up with faster speeds and increasing volumes of data

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