Quantum StorNext 5 Scale-out Storage

Workflow storage for today’s most demanding environments

Data management in today’s world is challenging. Advances in camera, satellite, sensor, and seismic technologies are creating a massive influx of data that needs to be captured, processed, shared, and preserved. Government agencies need shared access to data so they can deliver increased situational awareness. Corporations are increasing their use of video to promote products and train employees, stressing traditional IT. Broadcasters are challenged with always-on devices that require more formats in more places at more times than ever. The fact that data is being kept longer to be repurposed in the future—combined with data growth and budget pressures—leads to a need for highperformance, scalable storage that is also cost-effective.


Performance can mean the difference between meeting a deadline or failing to deliver. This is true for analysts who protect national security and for researchers who study extreme weather. Live sports producers need support for multi-stream high-res broadcast—and with HD and 4K, post-production editors need rock-solid performance, too. Built on the industry’s fastest streaming file system, StorNext® 5 scale-out storage is proven in these complex workflows—and gives users immediate, highspeed shared access to their files.


Whether capturing geospatial imagery, ingesting next-gen sequencing data, or collecting network traffic for cybersecurity— StorNext 5 users are changing the world, every day. And while each workflow is different—some things remain the same: the data is invaluable, the data is growing, the data cannot be recreated, and the data must be preserved—so it can be repurposed in the future, in ways that can’t be imagined today. With primary storage, extended online storage, tape archive, and cloud tiers, StorNext 5 delivers the optimal combination of performance, scale, flexibility, and economy— without compromise.

Features + Benefits

Industry’s best streaming performance

Meets the most extreme requirements for fast ingest & access, accelerating workflows and increasing the number of projects that can be managed.

Enables shared access

Increases productivity for tens, hundreds, or thousands of users with simultaneous file sharing via SAN and LAN.

Built for scale. Petascale.

Supports billions of files to keep up with your data growth.

Flexible access

Fits seamlessly into existing workflows and networking infrastructure, to lower administrative costs and increase investment protection.

Intelligent & cost-effective tiered storage

Enables transparent access to files regardless of whether stored on SSD, disk, object storage, LTO/LTFS tape, or in the cloud.

Powered by StorNext 5 data management

Built on StorNext 5—the industry’s fastest streaming file system..


The building blocks of the StorNext architecture include primary storage, extended online storage, tape archives, and cloud—all powered by StorNext 5 data management, the industry’s fastest streaming file system and policy-driven tiering software.


StorNext 5 data management software manages file sharing for complex workflows in StorNext scale-out storage environments, for files stored on primary disk, extended online storage, tape, and cloud. And while StorNext 5 meets the most demanding performance requirements, enables customers to scale to hundreds of petabytes, and integrates easily into collaborative workflows—that’s not why customers choose it. They choose StorNext 5 because it’s all of that—combined. StorNext 5 data management, with its high-performance file system and policy-driven tiering software, combines performance, scale, and flexibility into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


StorNext primary storage enables high-speed shared access to your critical data. Powered by StorNext 5 data management software, it includes a metadata appliance with a dedicated metadata array, and RAID storage for data. This combination of software, compute, and storage is engineered to solve the world’s biggest storage challenges—and enables you to focus on your workflows rather than the storage. So you can do what you do best.


Built on next-generation object storage technology, Lattus™ is durable online storage that scales to hundreds of petabytes—more economical than primary storage, with better performance than tape. As a policy-driven tier in a StorNext scale-out storage solution, Lattus enables you to extend primary storage with scalable and more cost-effective online storage—ideal for large repositories that have unpredictable access patterns, and for organizations struggling with the challenges of data growth.


When attached to StorNext primary storage and powered by StorNext 5 data management software, tape archives provide a tier of massively scalable storage. StorNext tape archives enable you to preserve data for the long-term without the cost, space, power consumption, and management of primary disk. With StorNext tape archives and Scalar® tape libraries, you get best-in-class management, monitoring, and data security from the market share leader in LTO tape automation.


Q-Cloud™ Archive is storage freedom for businesses that struggle to balance capacity, costs, and growth that come with managing content in rapidly changing environments. StorNext 5 users have easy access to cost-effective, on-demand cloud storage for increased flexibility, data protection, and availability. Q-Cloud Archive is integrated with StorNext so there is no additional hardware or software, separate applications, or programming. Q-Cloud Archive integrates cloud into workflows for reliable, always-available storage and maximum flexibility. Precisely the right amount of storage, exactly when you need it.

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