Quantum Scalar i6000

The Intelligent Tape Library

The Intelligent Tape Library for Enterprise Archive, Disaster Recovery, and Long-Term Data Retention

Protecting and retaining your data can be challenging. Keeping pace with fast, unpredictable data growth in a cost- and time-efficient manner pushes IT staff to their limits. Ensuring that data is secure and available over long periods of time adds to these challenges. The Scalar® i6000 tape library was designed to solve these problems and simplify your environment.

The i6000 scales up to 180PB of data, supporting large enterprise storage environments. Capacity-on-Demand offers fast, flexible, and non-disruptive growth, easing the difficulties of managing dynamic storage requirements. Quantum customers experience significant management time savings due to the intelligent and proactive features in iLayer™ management software, up to 75% savings compared to other libraries. High availability features like Dual Robot and Path Failover allow the library to continue to operate despite failures of library components or even failures within the SAN fabric. The Extended Data Life Management feature (EDLM) ensures your archived media is trouble-free so the data is available when you need it. Security features like FIPS-compliant encryption key management safeguard your data while in the library and after export.

Features + Benefits

iLayer Intelligent Software

Intelligent software automates administrative tasks, reducing administrative time up to 75% compared to other tape library products.

Active/Active Dual Robots

Adds a second robot to the library for high availability and faster performance. Operations continue in the event of a robot failure. Robot service is non-disruptive to the application.

Extended Data Life Management (EDLM)

Exclusive iLayer feature to ensure availability of your data placed in long-term storage/archive/DR. Integrates with StorNext® Storage Manager to automate protection of archived data.

Active Vault

Archive tapes inside the library to minimize costs and cartridge handling while improving security and access to vaulted content.

High-Density Expansion Module

Can store almost 12.5PB* in a single 19-inch rack without compromising cartridge access performance. Provides non-disruptive bulk loading, fast independent cartridge scan/inventory.

Advanced Reporting

Media, drive and security reports improve understanding of library utilization and performance. Automated report scheduling and distribution save time.

Path Failover

Control path and data path failover features ensure library system stays operational and accessible even with a SAN fabric failure.


Library capacity, high availability features, and partitioning support tape and library consolidation, delivering significant ROI.

Smart Bulk Cartridge Imports/Exports

The largest import/export capability in the industry, coupled with exclusive auto-import and export-redirect features, significantly reduces cartridge load/unload time.

Modular Architecture with Continuous Robotics

Provides flexible scalability in a standard 19” rack form factor without sacrificing reliability.

Capacity-on-Demand Growth

Simplifies storage growth by scaling quickly, easily and without disruption.

Quantum Vision® Management Software Support

Reduces management time in multiple-device environments and integrates easily with Quantum disk backup solutions.

Scalar Key Manager Support

FIPS-validated solution makes it easy to manage keys, mitigating risk of lost data.

Scalar LTFS Appliance

is available to present tapes as NAS storage, enabling new ways to manage and access archive files.

Technical Specifications

Technology1 Drives Cartridges Capacity (TB)2
LTO-7 1 to 192 100 to 12,006 180,090
LTO-6 1 to 192 100 to 12,006 75,038
LTO-5 1 to 192 100 to 12,006 36,018
1 Available in IBM or HP models.
2 Assumes 2:1 compression for LTO-5. Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-6 and LTO-7.
Cartridge Slot Starting Points: 100, 200, 400, 700, 1500, 3000, 5000, 7000, 9000, and 11,000
Interface Options: 8Gb fibre channel and 6Gb SAS
Inventory Speeds: 55 seconds for average 5U configuration; 110 seconds for average
14U configuration
Configuration: Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.), drive firmware auto-leveling
Import/Export: Up to 54 media slots in removable magazines
Drive Interface: 8Gb FC, Native 8Gb FC
Library Interface: 8Gb FC bridged through the drive
Inventory Speed: For most modules, 1 minute 12 seconds. 4 modules <5 minutes.
Configuration: Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.)
Control Module: One I/E Station with 24 slots
Expansion Modules: Option for 0, 24, or 72 slot I/E stations per expansion module
Maximum I/E Station Slots: 1,104 Slots
Extended I/E: Allows licensed storage slots to be used as import/export elements
Bulk Load/Unload: Up to 540 slots per High Density Expansion Module (HDEM) without interrupting library operations
Auto-import: Library automatically imports cartridges to multiple partitions based on user policies without needing cartridges placed in specific I/E slots
Export Redirect: Automatically redirects cartridge exports to bulk unload areas or to an Active Vault based on user policies
*Up to 240 import/export elements supported per logical partition
Electrical: 100-240 VAC , 2-24 kVA -48 VDC, <1 KVA per module
Power: 80 Plus certified power supplies
Temperature: 15 to 35°C operating
Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing operating
Library MSBF: Greater than 3,000,000
Library MTTR: 20 minutes, 10 minutes for Dual Robot replacement
Power: Optional 2N power
Diagnostics: Embedded monitoring of major subsystems, self-diagnostic procedures, and policy-based email and pager alerts to system administrators and Quantum Global Services
Consult the most recent Software Compatibility Guide on www.quantum.com for a complete list of software and platforms compatible with Scalar i6000.
Safety: TUV IEC-60950-1:2006 CB Scheme, EN60950-1 2nd Edition
Emissions: Class A: FCC CFR-47 Part 15, CISPR 22, EN55022, KN22, ICES-003
Immunity: EN55024, KN24
International: CE, cTUVus, KCC (MIC), GOST, VCCI, C-Tick
Module Type H×W×D
Control Module (H×W×D): 77.4”×24.3”×38.3”
Expansion Module (H×W×D): 77.4”×23.6”×38.3”
Parking Module (H×W×D): 77.4”×23.6”×38.3”
Cartridge Capacity Native/Compressed1 Drive Throughput Native/Compressed2 Encryption Support LTFS
LTO-7 6.0 / 15.0 TB 300 / 750 MB/sec Yes Yes
LTO-6 2.5 / 6.25 TB 160 / 400 MB/sec Yes Yes
LTO-5 1.5 / 3.0 TB 140 / 280MB/sec Yes Yes
1 Available in IBM or HP models.
2 Assumes 2:1 compression for LTO-5. Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-6 and LTO-7.
Advanced Reporting: Media Integrity Analysis report, Media Usage report, Drive Utilization report, Security report and media removal notifications, Report scheduling with automated report creation and delivery to distribution lists
Firmware Auto-leveling: Maintains consistent firmware levels across all tape drives in the library
Active Vault: Vault archive tapes inside the library. Reduces software and hardware costs Reduces management time Policy-based tape exports Improves data security
Extended Data Life Management:

Media health reports of cartridges stored for longterm archive and DR, information is collected outside of normal operations: Automated scheduling for scanning tapes Notifications on test results Policy-based data migration to new cartridges (only available with StorNext Storage Manager)

Dual Robot: Adds a second, redundant robot to the library for high availability.
Path Failover: Control Path Failover, Data Path Failover including support for path failure within the SAN fabric
Library Partitioning: Supports up to 16 partitions for tape consolidation

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