Quantum Q-Cloud Protect

for Amazon Web Services, C2S, and Govcloud Environments

A virtual deduplication appliance that works with Quantum DXi® systems to provide a Hybrid-Cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.

For companies with a single site looking to protect their business against localized disasters, companies looking to eliminate tape for off-site protection, or companies looking for a Hybrid-Cloud approach to backup and DR, Q-Cloud™ Protect was designed to meet your needs. This solution uses variable-length deduplication to reduce storage and data transmission costs by 90%, is compatible with all leading backup applications, and securely replicates deduplicated data between your data center and the Amazon cloud. All backups are stored locally for easy recovery, and backups can be recovered from the Amazon cloud in the event of a local disaster.

Q-Cloud Protect is available in the Amazon Public Marketplace, and is also available within the Amazon C2S and GovCloud environments. Additional technical specifications can be found by searching for Q-Cloud Protect within Marketplace.

Features + Benefits

Protect Your Business Against Localized Disasters

Store your data, in deduplicated form, in one of Amazon’s data centers, and recover that data back in the event of a localized disaster.

Eliminate Capital Expenses

Only pay for the cloud resources you actually use as your system grows, and eliminate capital expenses associated with hardware at a DR site or co-lo site.

Eliminate Off-Site Tape Vaulting

Sending tapes off-site for disaster recovery is complex, costly, and hard to manage. Q-Cloud Protect provides deduplicated off-site storage in Amazon’s cloud, ensuring your business is protected from localized disaster.

Reduce Cloud Storage and Transmission Costs

Q-Cloud Protect uses Quantum’s patented variable-length deduplication to maximize data reduction and reduce storage costs and data transmission costs by 90% or more.

A Practical First Step Towards Cloud Adoption

Off-site storage for disaster recovery, combined with on-premise backup storage, is a great place to start using the cloud, and Q-Cloud Protect works with your existing backup infrastructure to enable a practical first step towards cloud adoption.

  • Small AMI is 1 to 20TB usable capacity
  • Large AMI is 1 to 90TB usable capacity
  • Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3
  • Q-Cloud Protect is designed as a replication target for an on-premise DXi appliance.
  • Q-Cloud Protect can also work with a DXi Accent™ plug-in installed on an on-premise media server using an application that is compatible with DXi Accent.

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